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Indian clothing has always been perceived to be elegant and laudatory. We, at Swtantra, are on a mission to make Indian clothing more wearable globally. With every step that we take and every customer that we add, we are getting one step closer to making Indian clothing popular and the preferred choice globally!
Indian artisans & craftsmen are celebrated the world over. Textiles & India have a deeply interwoven history dating back thousands of years of continuous legacy building. Yet, with the advent of western clothing, our culture, our heritage & our weavers are fast falling out of favor. Team Triyah is on a mission to support, sustain & grow the weaver communities of India & to make Indian clothing a global phenomenon.

Wild forests, fast-flowing rivers, swampy mangroves & royal bengal tigers, we welcome you to the Sundarbanns experience: a world where man meets wild, a world where we live in peaceful co-existence with nature. In the world of fast fashion, we offer you an alternative, a choice. Buy premium, buy less, buy Sundarbanns. Frenzied consumerism is depleting the world’s resources faster than we can replenish & our mission at Sundarbanns is to make us sensitive to our clothing & be one with nature, be one with the wild, be Sundarbanns.

Cleorra aims to relook at western dresses for Indian women. For women across the world, the humble dress is the go-to option for most occasions. However, when it comes to India, most women cannot find dresses tailored to their shape & size. At Cleorra, we want to change this & more; we want women to feel confident with their bodies, confident with their clothes, confident in their own Cleorra way.

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